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Dryer Vent Exhaust Cleaning
    How is the dryer vent cleaned?
    First the dryer ductwork is disconnected from the dryer. Then all the accessible debris from the dry duct is cleaned out. The lint trap will be cleaned from the front to the back of the dryer and then the ductwork is reconnected to the dryer. Next the vent will be cleaned from the egress using 200 psi of high-pressure air. Once all of the built up lint has been forced out of the vent, our technician will bag it up and dispose of the lint.

    Clogged dryer vents can be hazardous, as they reduce the effectiveness of the clothes dryer. The US Consumer Protection Agency estimates 15,000 fires per year are started in dryers and dryer vents. A clean dryer vent increases the life span of your appliance as well as reduces fuel costs. This will also shorten the drying time required for your clothing.

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